What Clients Say?

  • If its a very difficult and unique design, Karim Containers is your best chance to get it developed.
  • Huge order amounts, best quality and exceptional replacement options if any problem comes, KCL is a amazing Supplier. , .


Plastics is the right hand of KCL and we know our plastic very well. A healthy number of machines and labor to produce and do finishing until each and every piece is perfected. We have ISO 22000 certified production facility. There are three types of molding products that we offer our customer:

  • 1) Extrusion Blow Molding
  • This department is running machines with single, double and triple heads with options of double stations, 05 machines Automatic ( Make Akei) with a capacity of making products ranging from dropper pump/30 ml bottle/jar to 10 ltr Jerry cans/containers, machines have capacities of parison controls and visual strip for packed product view, this system is fully supported with a professional experienced machines operators along with 7 tons chiller and 4-18 kgs 3 crushers.

  • 2) Stretch Blow Molding (Pet)
  • SBM division includes 5 Automatic machines ( 04 single stage make Nissie ASB Japan – 01 double stage make Chum Power Taiwan).Product Capacity from 30 ml bottle to 10 ltr containers, production leads up to 40000/day in case of specific design and weights of products.

  • 3) Injection Molding
  • Currently 18 injection machines of different capacities are in working ranging from 90 tons to 228 tons with a short weight capacity of 89 grams to 405 grams supported with 4 chillers on injection floors from 3 tons to 8 tons. We are running both cold runner and hot runner molds.

An attractive range of products is already offered in which products can be packed and sold.

Assembly Sections
KCL has a complete line of assembly in the products which needs assembly to make final product, currently we are assembling spouts for stand up pouches and small spouts for fairness cream satche.

Hot Foiling
KCL has the facility of hot foiling on caps and for this purpose machine is working for the last one year.

Supportive Services
KCL does support our customers W.R.T. sticker pasting and labeling of products and give one window complete packaging solution for production.