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Our Prime Mission is to provide such good service and quality, that’s customers stay for it. Also the Mission for company running is to cope with the emerging market trend by bringing new products of our own and diverse products for our customers ..
Karim Containers (PVT) Ltd. also known as KCL to many, is a emerging and growing enterprise. Our obsession to service and quality is what stands us apart and attracts customer from all over Pakistan. Working on the core principle that “customer is always right”, we provide them with Extrusion, Stretch Blow (PET) and Injection Molding. Our arsenal also includes a fully functional and very well equipped Research and Development Lab as well as a Quality Assurance Lab. And best of all if our huge product options seem less you them we have all the facilities to make a mould for you and get you into production with your product. Lastly we have options such of pasting stickers by a automatic machines, sleeving and hot foiling to give your product the ultimate look and advantage over competitors.
The newest addition to our family is the fruit pulp and Ginger/Garlic Paste along with tomato puree. Now we provide this to you, together with our packing options, it’s all you need to get into exporting business.
The Vision of our company is to provide products to every operating Multi-National and any to come in Future, so that we excel in our production and raw material usage and make such a name in the world of Plastics the everyone knows us when any ..